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I grew up as a "photographers assistant" learning the ins and outs of photography from my photographer mom who taught me the basics of camera operation, lighting, darkroom techniques, posing and printing long before digital photography or even home computers became mainstream. Years passed and a moderate interest in photography changed into a passion for the art. I spent a number of years learning digital retouching and professional level printing while working in national pro photo labs.

During this time the transition from film to digital was considerably changing the way we capture, edit and print photographs. This transition has made photography less of an art form for most and more of a means of communication and being social. However, this did not change the way some view and interact with photography. In fact, I have taken digital photography as a new way to more easily capture, edit and share moments in time for everyone to enjoy.

Unlike most who shoot and share instantly, for me the image only begins at capture. The real magic of the art happens with the processing and printing of these digital captures of time and light. Many of the award winning prints in my collection have dozens, even hundreds of hours of work to perfect every last detail. This is driven by my passion for the finest possible photograph I can make. I am ever learning and growing my skills and pushing the limits of what is possible with a camera. This is what the purpose of this site is to share...

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